You may have a problem that you are trying to develop a solution to but haven’t quite cracked it or you have creatively and imaginatively come up with an idea, concept, invention, innovation or technology that you may have been tinkering with that you think solves a problem or potentially fills a new market opportunity. Or you have gone further and mocked them up into a sample or cool functional prototype, now what ? … more


Your idea appears to have commercial merit and now you need to research, develop, make and test it to enable proof of concept. We'll research, develop, industrially design, sketch, draw and develop your specifications; then make, mock up, sample or prototype your idea, concept, invention, gizmo, device, contraption, board game, app for Apple and Android devices or what ever; then wrap your intellectual property with a Patent, Design and or Trade Mark application ... more


Your idea works and customers are waiting for it ! We'll fill your entrepreneurial tool box with your business and financial model, even give you a DCF NPV, raise some funds if need be; draft up your marketing strategy and plan, draft up your pitch, marketing spin and FABs; design and develop your innovation’s cool branding, logo and packaging; get your tooling, production and shipping sorted; knock up your e-commerce web site with some clever cost effective ... more

Need a Trade Mark?

Get an Australian application done within 48 hours ... more

Got an Idea?

Get it’s commercial feasibility thoroughly assessed for $499 ... more


We can get just about anything sampled or prototyped to meet your budget quickly! ... more

R&D Tax Incentive

Apply before 30 April each year for your non-competitive R&D cost offsets ... more

Thinking of Exporting?

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Target Market

Find out whether companies & their customers really want your innovation before you get it made ... more