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Business Valuation (DCF & NPV)

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If you have received a bespoke Financial Model from 01 Business & Financial Modelling then for our reduced fee of $750 $499 we will add to your bespoke set of easily to use carefully constructed fully integrated and back tested Excel spreadsheets the additional Excel functionality of Discount Cash Flows (DCF) and Net Present Value (NPV) within 5 business days from receipt of payment, so why wait, buy this now by clicking on the Add To Cart button !

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Product Description

As mentioned above, all innovations need to be run through a set of spreadsheets sooner than later and should cover off on forecasted Sales, Expenses, Income Statement (P&L), Cash Flow and Balance Sheet and preferable be interconnected with a Control Sheet at the front to allow you to toggle varying scenarios easily, conservatively and accurately. However, once this is done, we’ll add the last sheet to this that scoops up all of the flowing data projections and process them through some cool algorithms that will discount backwards the cash flows with a suitable risk factor to provide you a Net Present Value (NPV) that you can use as a starting point in estimating the enterprise value (EV) of your business. This will then allow you divvy up any ownership or investor interest that you may have or be seeking.

Lets us provide you a bespoke set of easily to use carefully constructed fully integrated and back tested spreadsheets with instructions that allow you to Discount Cash Flows (DCF) and provide you Net Present Value (NPV) at a very low cost.


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