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We are always interested in speaking to journalists, bloggers and writers who would like to review what we do and provide for their media outlets. Please email us at innov8@cre8biz.com.au to discuss your requirements and to arrange access to high resolution images. Some of our media coverage can be found below:

mechanical-boat-stackerThe Mechanical Boat Stacker

Mechanical Boat Stacker is a racking machine that moves rowing boats up and down with the touch of a button. This then removes the risks of manually lifting boats in and out of static boat racks from above head height.

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tremmaThe Tremma

Tremma vibrato bridge creates vibrato for electric guitars and suits all genres of music.

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The Easy Hammer

Easy Hammer is a trolley that clamps and supports various types of jackhammers so that the user may position themselves comfortably behind the trolley and push the jackhammer along.

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vulcan-wheelThe Vulcan Wheel

Vulcan Wheel is an ergonomically designed one-piece extruded aluminium wheelchair wheel for use in general travel and sport. The unique Vulcan design has streamlined both the push rim and wheel rim of a conventional wheelchair wheel and provides the user with maximum surface area to push.

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