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Invention & Patent Prior Art Search is about scouring already existing inventions and Patents that have been submitted with Patent Offices around the world to assess what they are claiming in their Specification, Drawings and Claims. Generally any new idea will still fall into one or more Patent Classifications that need to be researched thoroughly to review what has already been done in the proposed space of your new idea and to see whether it has already been registered and or formally protected. Ideally these searches find very little to no prior art in your way so that you can progress and evolve your idea confidently to market

A warning for you, please don’t be conned by promoted “International Searches” provided by gee whiz online “software companies”, simply because computers can’t visually assess or discern with a high level of commercial acumen between any poorly identified prior art and there is no one super large data base with all the world’s IP in it … it simply doesn’t exist.


To ensure that your idea is novel, unique and not ‘already owned’ by someone else, we offer Clients formal and thorough ‘deep’ prior art searches within Patent and Design databases that are not offered by IP specialists readily because they require a lot of effort, require an interpretive commercial mind and to be accurate, most IP specialists prefer to let Examiners find prior art later in the Patent and or Design Application process so that your costs are higher! Conventional search services rely on ‘Title’ searches, which are ineffective in identifying prior art that intentionally or unintentionally has been ‘Titled’ incorrectly or ambiguously.

As specialists in ‘advanced’ Boolean algorithmic search methods we ensure that searches target within a Patent’s Specification, Claims and Illustrations, which takes significantly longer in time than simple ‘Title’ searches and requires a commercial mindset to locate relevant and potentially ‘fatal flaw’ elements of prior art. This process on approximately 70% of occasions reveals prior art that is potentially an issue or useful for our Clients.

This step can be skipped, however if your Patent and or Design Application is ‘examined’ by a Patent Office Examiner to find that you are too close to an already registered Patent and or Design, your application may not be able to overcome the citations, so it’s potentially the most important due diligence you can carry out on your own idea (art) before you apply for your own IP protection.

If there appears to be little in your way in terms of prior art, then it would be a matter of drafting your Patent Specification then seeking quotes to make your idea to ensure that it can be made in cost range that provides you a workable product margin.

If you have:

  • Intentions of doing business in either the Australia or United States of America or Europe,
  • One or a series of similar innovations or products,
  • A description about your innovations or products, and
  • An image, sketch or drawing of your innovations or products,

then for our reduced fee of $1,490 $990 we will have your exhaustive Invention and Patent Prior Art Search report for either Australia or United States of America or Europe to you within 5 business days. So why wait, buy this now by clicking on the Buy Now button below!

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