02 Comparative Product Research

Comparative Product Research is about trawling and searching for the same or very similar idea or something that can be substituted for your idea that is already available somewhere in the world, ascertaining with some confidence whether you already have potential competitors, and if so, how many and on what level.

Here we use the fairly sophisticated internet search methods in English and other languages and or visit physical premises around the world if need be to scour for evidence of similar or the same products already in the market for sale. It’s pointless spending heaps of energy and resources pushing your idea to market if it already has plenty of competition. Your preference is always to have a significant point-of-difference. We provide an independent, unbiased and objective process where we are not caught up in what you think, we either validate your own research or provide substantiated ‘evidence’ to the contrary.

If you have:

  • Intentions of doing business in countries such as Australia, United States of America, those within Europe and others,
  • One or a series of similar innovations or products,
  • A description about your innovations or products,
  • An image, sketch or drawing of your innovations or products, and
  • An email account that you are happy to receive a simple emailed report of your Comparative Product Search results,

then for our reduce fee of $1,250 $790 we will carry out this important due diligence service and get your Comparative Product Search report to you within 5 business days. So why wait, buy this now by clicking on the Buy Now button below!

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