07 Patents, Designs & Trade Marks

The world thrives on innovative products and services, it would not change if people like you didn’t invent or innovate. The use of intellectual property (IP) rights such as Patents, Designs and Trade Marks protects, defines and reward your imagination and creativity. The following is also considered an ‘asset’ like a house, can also be depreciated over time and is maintained on a company’s Balance Sheet. The areas that we assist Clients with are as follows:


Patents protect new technology for both products and processes and afford the IP owners the exclusive commercial rights to their inventions for up to 20 years, enabling them to strike licensing deals or keep rivals at bay whilst they establish their brand. The public benefits from seeing details of inventions when published, and can use that information as a springboard for their own innovations.

Trade Marks

Trade marks can be registered to protect the distinctive names, logos, slogans or other signs of a trader’s products or services. The marks can be licensed to others, or used exclusively by the brand owner to distinguish themselves from rivals and retain the goodwill and reputation vested in their name. They can also be the sole value of a business, which can be a lot of money !

There is often confusion about owning say a domain name and or registering a company name and assuming that you automatically own its trade mark, which is not the case. Registering your brand’s domain name .com, .biz, .info etc and company name does not mean that you have acquired or own any trade mark rights of the same name. Trade mark rights arise from actual use, therefore, the mere registration of a domain and or company name, does not secure trade mark rights. The two possible mark formats allowed are the standard character format which includes the word(s) alone or the stylised or design format.

If you:

  • Have one (1x) trade name or mark or graphic that you want to protect and supply,
  • Can provide details of what type of product/s the trade mark will be associated with, then

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Designs for products or graphic symbols can be registered so as to protect the distinctive outward appearance of a new product. Where a product’s ‘look’ gives it market share, e.g. in fashion, domestic appliances or furniture, protecting the design is essential for dealing with ‘copycats’.


As mentioned above, Copyright © is free, automatic and transferable and generally covers books, papers and magazines, music, artwork and photographs, films, television and radio programs, software and computer games are all protected by copyright. The owner of copyright can license copies or adaptations of the work (e.g. translations; movie rights to a book etc)

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