05 Apps (Apple & Android)

Have you an idea for a cool App ? I’m sure you have, so why not get it made.

We work with people from all ages from young children to retirees who want to design, develop and launch either Apple iOS and or Google Android operating system compatible software applications for a myriad of end user experiences such as managing your family budget up to aggregating the number of Facebook visitors your Facebook account receives at any moment.

The process is similar to what you have probably already read on this site. We generally assist Clients to:

  • Develop a story board of what and how the overall App is to work,
  • Design the look and feel of all the App’s elements,
  • Mock it up as an Adhoc,
  • Test it with your confidantes,
  • Make any necessary changes needed until end user testing validates it’s a winner,
  • Finalise development,
  • Submit to either Apple or Google Play,
  • Then get clever on how to sell it !


There are great opportunities for any businesses to capture sales and customers by going mobile, especially when an increasing number of people access the web on their mobile phone. The type of person who’s using their mobile to either start a search or complete a search is typically on the go and looking for things convenient to them.

The first step into mobile is creating a mobile-friendly version of your website. It is important to realise that consumers view websites differently on their smartphone, compared to their laptop. It’s not good enough to simply replicate your regular website for mobile.

Find the best bits about your company or its products and services that need to be immediately identifiable. Then, make it accessible and simple to get to for smartphone users. If your pages are slow and cluttered, people will just move on. Another option is to create a mobile app for your business, so customers have an enduring relationship with you on their device. You may want to consider publishing new product images for your customers via your app, or offering them special offers and deals.

Your brand is on their phone’s home screen and it’s easy. It doesn’t matter how far up the supply chain you are, whether you’re a reseller or wholesaler your existing and prospective customers want to connect with you and you need to make it easy for them to do that.

Good Branding

Spend some time getting your app icon and loading screens right. First impressions count more than ever on an app store. If your icon looks cheap, then your quality is questioned before the app is even opened.

Specific Information

On-the-go users aren’t interested in your bio or your customer reviews, they want specific information fast such as your phone number, directions to your store, opening and closing hours and product images.

Hi-utility or interest

Getting the app on the phone is the first part. Keeping it there requires you to publish point of interest, new deals, and keeping your customers interested in what you’re doing. Treat the app and your communications like you would any personal relationship and invest time in it. It also helps if you’ve built your existing social media feeds into your app so that you only need to publish and respond via a fewer number of social sites.

If you have an idea or need for App whether its for an Apple or Google Play operating system and you would like assistance from people who do this regularly, then please don’t hesitate to email or call us now.

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