04 Design & Make Games

Design & Make Games

OK, this is the fun stuff.

Ever thought of a game ? I’m sure you have, so why not get it made.

We work with people from all ages from young children to retirees who want to design and make all sorts of games in both hard and soft form, and to be honest, its not expensive and is fairly straight forward depending on how complex your game idea is. Having said this, if its too complex and hard, you probably won’t sell many : )

The process is similar to what you have probably already read, you need to:

  • Develop a story board of what and how the overall game goes,
  • Design the look and feel of all the elements,
  • Mock it up,
  • Test it with your trusted friends,
  • Change design and rules if need be until end user testing validates it’s a winner,
  • Then get it made, then
  • Sell it !

If you have a game idea and you would like assistance from people who do this regularly, then please don’t hesitate to email or call us now.

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