Your idea appears to have commercial merit from previous assessments (Refer Feasibility Assessment) and now you need to research, develop, make and test it to enable proof of concept before rushing to market, i.e. will your innovation really work ‘exactly’ as planned, can your chosen manufacturer really make your innovation ‘exactly’ as specified (Refer Develop Specifications) and will those initially surveyed (Refer Market Research & Validation) buyers and end users ‘really’ buy it?

We’ll assist you to research and develop (R&D), industrially design, sketch, draw and develop your specifications, then make your idea, concept, invention, innovation, gizmo, contraption, board game or app then wrap your intellectual property (IP) up with a Patent, Design and or Trade Mark application.

01 Research & Development (R&D)

All new innovative ideas require some level of research & development (R&D) to increase their commercial feasibility and viability as no one person or organisation gets to market first time without some level of product, market and business model research and development. R&D is often an evolutionary process where it is done on several occasions over different times with the goal of getting closer to what is wanted and may include the verificaton and testing of developed prototypes in real operational environments to assess how well the innovation is developing.

We assist all Clients to carry out varying levels of R&D commensurate with the complexity and risks of the innovation being considered for commercialisation (C) with a big focus on the ‘C’ component, ie little ‘r’ + medium ‘D’ + big ‘C’ = real innovation, ie we only do R&D that is relevant to substantiating, verifying and validating the commercial benefit of your innovation. Further, we can also assist you with applying for the non-competitive R&D Tax Incentive (Refer Grants) provided by Austrade, Ausindustry and the ATO fairly quickly and easily.

So, if you need some research or development carried out from a technical approach then please email or call us to chat about what we can do.

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