07 Market Research & Validation

Market Research & Validation is needed because there is no known market size for innovative ideas because they establish new markets that have never existed before, therefore market size estimates are just that, guesstimates, that will never be correct, and most will be inaccurate. The only convincing tangible method to estimate a market is to target those who are already selling near or in your proposed markets with other products and ask them “do you like my product”. If they do, then they can let you know how many outlets or distribution channels they have and you can then drop a conservative percentage of these numbers into your Financial Model and run some conservative forecast scenarios. We can do this for you through a combination of our Survey and or Targeted Marketing services whereby we pitch your idea, concept, invention, innovation, gizmo, contraption, board game or app and obtain that hard to come by ‘primary research’ and of course those valuable and commercially important ‘bits’ of information.

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