02 Verify & Test It

This step is interwoven with the above research and development (R&D) and is required to provide fairly rigorous assessment to whether your innovation does or does not do what it was intended, i.e at this stage you are trying to prove your concept. Whether you are testing a large electro-mechanical device or small android software application (App) in-house or onsite with a potential Client’s premises, this process is critical in confirming that your innovation works as intended or still has work to do. This testing and verification may include:

  • Independent third-party testing in accordance with National and or International Standards, and or
  • Live and or onsite testing provided by a potential end user customer.

Once your innovation has been been put through the ringer, survives and still works as intended, then you are on your way to market ! If you need guidance or hands-on assistance in testing and or verifying your innovation then please don’t hesitate to email or call us now.

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