Your idea works and customers are waiting for it, so now you need to go through the process of commercialisation. We’ll assist your entrepreneurial needs by providing commercialisation tools for your gizmo, device, contraption, board game, app, concept, invention, innovation, technology or plain new product, such as, a bespoked business and financial model; an accurate DCF NPV; raise some funds if need be; draft up your business and marketing strategy and plan; draft up your pitch, marketing spin and FABs; design and develop your innovation’s cool branding, logo and packaging; get your tooling, production and shipping sorted; knock up your e-commerce website with some clever cost effective.

01 Business & Financial Modelling

Has to be done, but rarely is. All innovations need to be run through a set of spreadsheets sooner than later and should cover off on forecast Sales, Expenses, Income Statement (P&L), Cash Flow and Balance Sheet and preferable be interconnected with a Control Sheet at the front to allow you to toggle varying scenarios easily, conservatively and accurately. However, we understand doing this may not be your cup of tea, so we have done a couple of hundred of these and they are actually very very useful to assist you do map out almost one-for-one how your proposed commercialised innovation and or new start-up business will operate. Don’t worry about trying to find one for free online as you will spend so much time trying to find one, then tailoring it to suit what you need and it will be full of flaws because its free and the you beaut version costs a bomb !

This material once developed along with your much needed Market Research is the bulk of your Business Plan or Planning if you need to develop such for yourselves or investors, which of course we can assist you with if need be.

Here we will also consider and develop other business essentials such as Sales or Distribution Agreements, Supplier or Manufacture Agreements and License agreements.

If you have:

  • A business description or brief that you can email to us,
  • Up to say 10 or so innovations or products that you want to sell, and
  • Experience using Microsoft Excel,

then for our reduced fee of $1,320 $750 we will provide you bespoke set of easily to use carefully constructed fully integrated and back tested Excel spreadsheets with instructions within 7 business days from receipt of payment, so why wait, buy this now by clicking on the Buy Now button below !

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