03 Drawings & Specifications

This step is again interwoven with the above steps and is more a revision or update to what was initially done at the earlier steps of Industrial Design & Development, Sketch, Draw & Illustrate (2D & 3D) or Develop Specifications. Through proof-of-concept activities such as the above there is generally always a need to revised what was initially drafted and is typical to the evolutionary path to market innovations take.

Once your innovation’s changes resulting from further research, more development and various testing carried out have been reflected back into related Drawings, Illustrations, CAD files, Specifications and or Manufacturing Briefs etc, your innovation is in a position of obtaining quotes to make. You are also in a position to start using your innovations updated Drawings to further the process of branding your innovation, including the development of brochures, marketing material, videos and your e-commerce website. Importantly, as with most new innovations, there is a need to protect your intellectual property (IP) through Patent and or Design Applications, therefore these now ‘finalised’ drawings can double for the illustration component of any IP protection that you may need.

If you are at this stage or are just need guidance or hands-on assistance in this area please don’t hesitate to email or call us now.

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