05 Branding, Logo & Packaging

Commercialisation_05 Branding bottle_1

You will need to develop cut through branding, brilliant logo graphics and smart packaging for your innovation so that it looks cool and attractive to your target audience. You will have your initial ideas on how this look and feel needs to be, so we’ll take your brief and develop your branding with you. Our process is to:

  • Receive your brief and sketches of what and where your thinking is;
  • Develop several drafts of your logo, other branding and packaging for you to review;
  • Get one of our designers to talk through what you have been provided and get your feedback;
  • Refine initial drafts based on your feedback until your design and logo are final;
  • Provide original source artwork files to you.

If you need assistance in conceiving, design and or developing your logo, branding and overall look and feel then please email or call us to chat about what we can do for you.

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