10 Make, Model, Mock Up

Make, Model & Mock Up generally occurs in parallel with the above Sketch, Draw & Illustrate (2D & 3D) whereby there is often a quick need to get your new innovative cool idea, concept, invention or contraption conceptually into some level of physical form to see what it looks like, to get a feel for dimensions and some level of functionality. It may even be a little slapdash, however this step puts often unsophisticated form to the early view of your innovation, a collage of initial ideas over chicken-wire or even a simple and cheap 3D CAD print job or basic sample or prototype.

This process is generally an interim step that enables you to assess some sticking points in your innovation’s manufacture, cost estimates to make your innovation and even some testing that will require some revision and or improvement to your innovation that may require this process to be done again and or going straight to either Industrial Design & Development or Sample or Prototype. Also, this phase enables you to assess know your innovative product, service or technology may look, whether it could work as intended and what resources may be needed.

Here we may design and develop some or all of the following to bring your idea to life:

  1. Very high quality 2D and 3D schematics, illustrations and CADs,
  2. Scaled replica models,
  3. Manufacturer mock ups,
  4. Software that models your business ideas’ key features and functions, and
  5. Hand or machine made prototypes in an array of materials.

We have years of experience in doing this confidentially both within Australia and internationally, so why not call us to discuss what we can do in getting your innovation in your hand so that you can see it and make your next decision more soundly.

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