06 Product Pricing (W/S & RRP)

Wholesale (W/S) and recommended retail (RRP) product pricing research can be done with the above Comparative Product Search or separately. In this we will analyse with statistical relevance your idea, or similar idea or a potential idea substitute for their nominal wholesale (W/S) and recommended retail (RRP) prices in the market and gauge where you fit relatively and record this into an easy to use report that will detail actual comparative products researched, quantities, price points and other qualitative and quantitative data to provide you a current matrix and ‘model pricing’ to benchmark your own product ideas against before going to market to ensure that you have a workable margin for your chosen channels to market.


Importantly, you will need to learn to model pricing from RRP down to manufacturing costs and not the other way. Here there is a need to get a feel for typical ‘margins’ through the value chain to ensure that there are healthy enough margins to commercialise the innovation. Oh, we should mention that our staff have years of experience in doing this and degrees in Applied Mathematics, Accounting, Business and other stuff just to make sure that we do this really well. We’ll even add in a Volume Discount model for potential large volumes.

If you have:

  • Intentions of doing business in either the Australia or United States of America or countries within Europe,
  • One innovation or product,
  • A description of your innovation or product,
  • An image, sketch or drawing of your innovation or product,

then for our reduced fee of $1,250 $790 we will deliver your comprehensive easy to use report to you within 5 business days. So why wait, buy this now by clicking on the Buy Now button below !

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