06 Sourcing & Importing

Once you have your Drawings & Specifications sorted, if not we can assist you with them, we can then save you time, effort and reduce your stress by letting you focus on your day-to-day, whilst we efficiently work with our supplier and manufacturer network or find you an alternative one if need be that can get you innovation ready for market at an affordable price.

Our continued experience of working in the Asian and Non-Asian markets will bring you quality, cost and process efficiency, confidence and increased productivity through our intimate understanding of different languages, culture and the many and varied nuances that need to be navigated to get your production or supplies to you as you specified. Not necessarily an easy feat !


We can assist you to:

  • Develop your supplier and manufacturer Drawings & Specifications,
  • Seeking and obtaining multiple quotes to enable accurate Cost & Financial Modelling,
  • Implement formal and tight quality assurance and control procedures;
  • Leverage a broad range of existing supplier and manufacturer relationships;
  • Arrange fully-customised bespoke prototyping, modelling, production and fabrication; and
  • Project Manage all the way from your initial inquiry to delivery of your finished product to your door and beyond.

We have a portfolio of Asian and Australia manufacturers and suppliers who are understanding of very small production runs and are happy to work with new and innovative product ideas, ie they are willing to take on the challenge of developing something that is unique and never been done before.

We currently Project Manage Client products that include:

  • Board games
  • Electrical & Electronic components and sub-assemblies
  • Industrial items
  • Metal components in a range of surface finishes
  • Moulding of plastic parts
  • Printed material
  • Small complex musical components
  • Textile production
  • Timber products
  • Single component parts
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Complete Retail Ready product with display packaging and barcodes.

Commercialisation_06 Sourcing Suppliers commercialise bottles
We are very good at:

  • Tackling difficult projects
  • Arranging low volume orders
  • Project managing larger orders
  • Handling overflow production
  • Coordinating with the factories
  • Quality control and assurance
  • Compliance to Australian & International Standards (AS, ISO, IEEE etc)
  • Customs, shipping & importing

Assisted Buying & Sourcing in China

Like any area of business there are lessons to be learned, often the hard way, when it comes to purchasing goods overseas. Our assisted buying service will help you find a supplier of goods, or we can work with a supplier that you have found online through an aggregator of suppliers and or manufacturer, to save you time and money, reduce your hassle and worry, because we manage this on daily basis.

An overseas supplier often does not understand local standards and safety requirements for products, nor are they aware of all the miscellaneous local port and shipping charges associated with processing and importing your shipment. Further, the overall process of sourcing often customised goods brings more layers of complexity than just buying an existing product overseas. It is important to use clear communication, well documented specifications coupled with a methodical attention to detail.

To save you from some of this grief, we can:

  • Help you find a supplier, or we can work with one that you have found
  • Carryout background checks
  • Negotiate and communicate with the supplier in their language
  • Book the international freight
  • Add in quality control checks
  • Take care of all the fiddly details of customs clearance, foreign currency exchange & importing
  • Arrange local delivery of the goods to your door

So, if the above makes sense, please contact us by email or phone to get started.

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