07 Tooling, Production & Shipping

We have long term working relationships with dozens of manufactures in different areas of Asia that allow us to access affordable high quality manufacturing for our Clients. We can provide guidance on outsourced manufacturing and seeking for example the best of three (3x) quotes subject to your specific needs. We also have for many years provided Project Management services to manage the production and shipping of Client products to their door.

First time importers often find that just the logistics of getting their product shipped is an onerous task. Even for established businesses, it is an area that can soak up valuable time. Following are some of the areas where we can relieve you of some of the burden, leaving you free to run your business and sell more product:

  • Saving time & money
  • Shipping terminology
  • Foreign currency payments
  • Customs duty
  • Accurate shipping costs
  • Sea or air
  • Full container or part container

So, if the above makes sense, please contact us by email or phone to get started.

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