12 Sample or Prototype

Generally by this stage you have already shown that your new innovative cool idea, concept, invention or contraption conceptually could work or even work really well and is potentially commercially feasible based on the numbers crunched so far, and you may have already knocked up some samples or prototypes in-house that are possibly a little too clunky to use as 1:1 replicas before going to a supplier and or manufacturer to copy, so there is often a need to refine these early samples or prototypes if they exist into more functional or fully functional examples of what you are wanting to take to market and carryout activities such as alpha and beta testing to seek end user or end buyer feedback to ultimately provide you confidence on whether to change your innovation and or move to market as is. We have years of experience in doing this confidentially both within Australia and internationally, so why not call us to discuss what we can do in getting your innovation in your hand so that you can see it, test it and validate it !

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