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Our fees are affordable, fixed and based on proposed deliverables. Of course, if these deliverables or your needs change, then so do our fees.

We are in the business of assisting Clients to progress their product, service or technology innovation further, not stifle them with endless ‘additional fees’, ‘billable time’ or ‘commissions’ offered by other conventional business service providers.

Our Clients when formally surveyed consistently say that fees are a ‘Very Important’ to them and that they are ‘Very Satisfied’ with ours.

Fee Relief

On some services we may reduce our normal fees or allow for a delayed payment arrangement to an individual or organisation that have a commercially feasible product, service or technology and can legitimately provide information that supports why they cannot pay under our normal terms. We are happy to talk to you on this to see what we can do.

Fee Packaging

As we are already a low fee service provider, we don’t have much margin to lower our fees, however if you require more than one product or service, we will provide a packaged fee that is better than the individual product or service fees added together.


When Clients refer our business we always recognise this generosity in many ways, particularly if the referred person or organisation eventually purchases a service or product from us. We generally find out who has referred whom and reciprocate whenever we can.

Terms & Conditions

Fees for a proposed scope of work or project deliverables are based on a mix of on and off site work, including estimated time liaising with a Client during this work or project. If time liaising with a Client, which includes reading of emails and replying to emails, exceeds what we estimate is fair and reasonable, we will inform the Client of such, and they shall have the opportunity to pay for more liaising time if they wish.

Fees include all hard and soft documentation supplied.

Fees include travel within central business districts of capital cities only.

Non-CBD travel expenses shall be charged at cost.

All work requested and provided for in addition to a current proposed scope of work or project deliverables will be additionally charged for.

SMS, MMS and mobile phone calls made to or on behalf of Clients shall be charged in addition to any current proposed scope of work or project deliverables if such messages or calls are more expensive or longer than a few minutes in duration.

Invoiced amounts are payable within 7 business days. Amounts outstanding shall incur a pro-rated 10% per annum late fee.

Invoiced amounts up to $825 shall be required to be paid in full, however amounts greater than this we generally require 50% in advance.


Technology such as Skype, SMS, MMS or similar will be used for speedy communication with Clients if and when needed.


All work proposed or carried out is maintained strictly confidential and no information is divulged to any third party without your written permission. Further, we request that all information and business tools provided by CRE8BIZ Pty Ltd to you or your employees is done so in the same strict confidence, therefore such information and business tools are required to be kept confidential by you or your employees at all times.

We are happy to sign and forward to you a Confidentiality Agreement on request.

Proposal Acceptance

If you accept a proposal from CRE8BIZ Pty Ltd we will require some sort of letter or email of engagement from you before we commence proposed scope of work or project. Alternatively, you can go to Proposal Acceptance page to complete and submit the acceptance details required there.

Online Purchases & Payments

All online purchases can be paid for by either your Credit Card or PayPal accounts.

Credit Card and or PayPal fees may be passed on to you as an additional fee.

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