Trade Mark Application

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If you:

  • Have one (1x) trade name or mark or graphic that you want to protect and supply,
  • Can provide details of what type of product/s the trade mark will be associated with, then

for our reduced fee $875 $625, which includes ALL Government Statutory fees, we will expedite your Trade Mark application for Australia within two (2x) business days. So why wait, buy this now by clicking on the Add To Cart button !

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Product Description

Trade marks can be registered to protect the distinctive names, logos, slogans or other signs of a trader’s products or services. The marks can be licensed to others, or used exclusively by the brand owner to distinguish themselves from rivals and retain the goodwill and reputation vested in their name. They can also be the sole value of a business, which can be a lot of money !

There is often confusion about owning say a domain name and or registering a company name and assuming that you automatically own its trade mark, which is not the case. Registering your brand’s domain name .com, .biz, .info etc and company name does not mean that you have acquired or own any trade mark rights of the same name. Trade mark rights arise from actual use, therefore, the mere registration of a domain and or company name, does not secure trade mark rights. The two possible mark formats allowed are the standard character format which includes the word(s) alone or the stylised or design format.