Liaising on Your Behalf with Grant Provider

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Our liaising service on your behalf with grant providers is an independent and professional process to ascertain their level of interest with your particular unique story and what their current internal mandates are, which is often different to what they promote. Why spend enormous amounts of energy in applying for a grant program if the grant provider isn’t interested ? Make sure first ! If you are unsure and would like some assistance talking to the grant provider, then why wait, you could be able to access thousands of dollars, so call or email us below now to get us to represent your story. We can expedite this service within 3 business days for $350 $299. So why wait, buy this now by clicking on the Add To Cart button !

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We have found over the many years of dealing with grant providers that they often have marketing material that creates uncertainty with possible grant applicants. This miscommunication often renders a well intended grant application to the bin, in fact that’s where most go. To avoid what is typically a huge effort by grant applicants in writing and obtaining supporting documents going to the bin, we provide a smart upfront service where we contact the grant program manager and discuss the merits of what you want to apply for to seek their thoughts and guidance knowing that the grant provider often changes their internal approval process and mandate. This process gleans direction and often confirmation that a potential grant application is or isn’t on the right track before many man days have been exhausted.


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